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8 June 2017

The Second AP Fund publishes the Female Representation Index for the fifteenth year running - an annual survey produced with Nordic Investor Services describing the proportion of women in executive positions and on the boards of listed companies in Sweden

In the 15 years that the Second AP Fund has published a Female Representation Index, the proportion of women on boards has increased by 26.1 percentage points. The Female Representation Index for 2017 shows that the proportion of women represented on the boards of companies listed on NASDAQ Stockholm continues to increase and is now at 32.2 percent. 
The proportion of women on boards and in executive positions is, as has also been the case earlier, higher in the largest listed companies (Large cap) on NASDAQ Stockholm, with 37.1 percent and 24.9 percent respectively. Excluding CEOs, the proportion of women on the boards of Large cap companies is 39.5 percent and 42.0 percent for primary listed Large-cap companies.
Continue reading at http://www.ap2.se/en/news-reports/news/2017/the-second-ap-funds-female-representation-index-celebrates-15th-anniversary/

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