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Sustainable value creation through structured governance activity

Working actively and in a structured manner with corporate governance is a way for investors to foster long-term value creation. Different governance systems allows for various means for investors to affect change and assert influence over companies. In all markets, however, sound governance is a foundation for creating value and a healthy corporate culture, and a key part of responsible investing and ownership.  

Advisory Services

Nordic Investor Services offers research, advice and voting recommendations on all issues related to corporate governance and stewardship. NIS Voting Service consists of tailormade proxy voting advice and services to institutional investors and enables them to cost-effectively but with a high level of quality vote at general meetings around the world.  

Surveys and Evaluations

Nordic Investor Services has a long experience in creating, administrating and analysing web-based surveys. We assist Board of Directors and Nomination Committees on a wide range of board related areas, using surveys as a basis for comprehensive analysis.

- Board evaluations
- Customized owner and board related surveys
- Evaluations regarding remuneration structures and incentive schemes